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La goélette à pépé

La goelette a pepe coffee

La Goelette a pepe Prosperity Coffee

The bustling days of wooden ships and canvas sails brought prosperity to Isle Madame and Arichat became a major port of call for vessels involved in the triangular coastal trade-fish to the Caribbean for rum and molasses, and Europe for sophisticated manufactured goods. In the 1830's, as many as 60 vessels per year were built in Arichat! Two and three-masted schooners, many owned and operated by accomplished local men like Thomas LeNoire, Charles Boudrot, Benjamin Girroir, Isadore LeBlanc to name a few. 

Prosperous and confident, Arichat boasted five forges and 24 wharves , a cathedral to serve their souls and a college (which became St. Francis Xavier University) to broaden their minds. 

Dark, smooth and soothing...the taste of Prosperity!

La goelette a pepe Nerichac Coffee

Prior to 1755, Arichat was known as Nerichac, Mi'kmaq for 'land between two rocks'. It was a peaceful and harmonious time. The Mi'kmaq, a peace loving and hospitable people, accepted the Acadians as equals and welcomed them to Isle Madame. The two cultures shared a powerful devotion to independence and liberty, and the Acadian culture flourished. Together, the Acadians and Mi'kmaq demonstrated how people very different from one another in language, religion and tradition could respect one another other as equals, and live in harmony.

Nerichac, a coffee as rich and smooth as that peaceful time on our history. Enjoy!

La goelette a pepe Descendance Coffee

Some of us have been here since time immemorial, others have joined in along the way, together providing a snapshot in time, a wealth of culture and heritage, but we all became Cape Bretoners.

We live simple lives in one of the quietest corners of the earth. But in the stillness, we hear the echoes of our anscestors...the beat of the drum, the song of the fiddle, the sound of voices telling stories in many languages. We treasure colourful expressions and cultural wealth. We love our vivid sunsets, our placid lakes and our rocky shores. We love, laugh and live life to the fullest.

We welcome change and adventure, but never lose our grip on our past. We know who we are and we're proud of our Descendance!


Les sobriquetsThe need of the Acadian people for a sense of identity and belonging gave birth to a rich tradition of intangible cultural heritage amicably known as 'les Sobriquets'. Chosen to describe individuals or families by the region inhabited, physical characteristics, personality style or event; this great & charming tradition flourished in the Acadian regions of Richmond County and is still widely used to present day.

La Goeleete a pepe Les Madouesse Coffee

At the time of the Expulsion, two brothers disarmed by the English, created spears using porcupine quills. Unnerved, one mistook the other as a danger and stuck him. The other screamed, 'Maudit Madouece!' meaning 'Damn Porcupine'. Forever after, these Boudreau's have been known as 'Les Madouesse'.
Strength of character, unrelenting passion and yielding the best results; les Madouesse family of Boudreau's stands apart....

Strong, dark and proud, this bold and incredibly smooth dark roast is rooted in tradition and cultural experience. Enjoy!

La goelette a pep Les catou coffee

Members of this Samson branch were considered rich, prosperous and affluent. They owned the most animals, had the best growing gardens, abundance in their root cellars and large families to help with the labor.

The French words 'qui a tout' meaning 'who has everything' was roughly pronounced 'Catou' to amicably describe these descendents. Beans blended to perfection, a perfect medium roast with rich undertones and abundant flavor. 

Sought after by many...achieved by few...Café Catou!

La goelette a pepe Les saindoux coffee

'Les Saindoux' meaning 'lard' were so named for their relative fairness. This family of Landrys have a distinctive appearance, being predominantly blonde with clear blue eyes and pale skin; a very rare characteristic amongst the dark featured Acadian population.
This family produced the most colorful characters, with jovial dispositions and have lots to say; usually embellished and larger than life, always makes for an interesting story!
Café Saindoux is the perfect blend of mild flavored and lightly roasted beans. Enjoy!



La goelette a pepe coffee cup

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